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About Us

In 2009, Fedmor LTD embarked on a mission to become a leader in its field of providing highest quality petroleum products, distinguishing itself with brilliance and a client partnership oriented approach.

At Fedmor LTD, we distinguish that success is not achieved alone. We respect the fact that our associates are dependable on our products and their reputation reflect those of FedMor. Therefore we work with all our associates, to develop strong mutual relationships

What We Do

Fedmor LTD incorporated under the laws of Republic of Turkey as Energy trading company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

Fedmor LTD trade in petroleum/Oil and lubricants products. We are growing our network in Afghanistan and other Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Due to the high demand of fuel in Afghanistan, Fedmore LTD is highly focused on this market and expanding the operations to cater the needs of the customers.

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Fedmor Limited

Address: Istanbul, Turkey

Talk to Us

Email: info@fedmorltd.com

Tel: +90 553 153 5680